My name is Lazaros Mouratidis, I was born in Thessaloniki.

Together with my daughter Theodora, I would like to bring a little culinary delights from our home country of Greece to Germany.


At the age of 3 I came to Germany with my parents, in my early 20s I went back to Greece. I worked there for over 25 years in the Halkidiki region of northern Greece. 12 years of it on the border of Mount Athos. During this time I discovered my passion for the monasteries there, which I visited as often as possible. This resulted in close and familiar contact above all with the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi, the monks living there and their abbot. I was able to get to know the products and how they are made. The monks took me to their olive groves. I was able to convince myself of the manual work and purity of the olive oils. All oils of the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi are certified and are subject to the strictest controls. This always guarantees the best quality, purity and never adulterated oils.


3 years ago I returned to Germany, but something was missing...


... a piece of home. The idea arose to bring the products of the Holy Great Monastery, which I was familiar with, to Germany. With this idea in mind, I returned to Greece. On site, I convinced the monks of the idea and my sense of home. I got her blessing and the OK to sell her products exclusively in Germany and internationally.


Every product sold supports the monastery's charity work and preserves the culture.