Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Organic olive oil Vatopediou

The ancient, breathtaking olive trees in the olive grove of the monastery of Vatopedi in northern Greece are lovingly cared for by the monks on a daily basis. The huge trees surrounding the monasteries reward them with delicious fruits that they process into oil.
The olives harvested by monks are pressed manually and bottled in glass. The oil obtained is green or yellow and has different shades.

Organic olive oil Vatopediou 5l
  Preis pro Liter: 15,98 € Biologisches, extra natives Olivenöl...
Organic Olive Oil Vatopediou 1l
  Price per liter €19.80 Award-winning extra virgin organic olive oil from...
Bio-Olivenöl Vatopediou 0,75l
Preis pro Liter: 19,87 € Biologisches, extra natives Olivenöl der...
Bio-Olivenöl Vatopediou 0,5l
  Biologisches, extra natives Olivenöl der höheren Kategorie, gepresst aus...

Monastic olive oil

A superior category extra virgin olive oil, made from hand-picked olives from collaborating monastic olive groves which are selected in accordance with the cultivation practices of Vatopedi Monastery. A truly exceptional and remarkable olive oil with a taste unique to the special environment of Mount Athos in northern Greece.

Monastic olive oil 5l
  Literpreis 13,98 €   Olivenöl Monastic Natives Olivenöl Extra...
Monastic olive oil 1l
  Olive oil Monastic Extra virgin olive oil of the upper category from...

useful information

There are a few things to consider when handling olive oil:

When choosing the oil, make sure it has a low acidity of less than 0.8%. Prefer extra virgin olive oil as this is of the highest quality - please keep in mind that there can be significant differences in quality within this category. 
Many consumers determine the quality of the oil by the characteristics "cold-pressed" and "first pressing". Nowadays, however, this can be neglected because, firstly, only one pressing is carried out and secondly, the processing temperature of 16°C to 32°C, which is therefore neither cold nor hot, has been standardized.

In addition, the taste of the oil can vary greatly. Apart from the quality of the olives used, it also depends on the origin of the fruit, as well as the soil and the climate. The taste is roughly divided into three categories: fine, medium and intensely fruity. While a fine fruity oil is rather mild, tastes a little bitter and has a mild spiciness, the oil with a medium and intensely fruity taste becomes increasingly stronger because the bitter components increase. A scratching of the throat, which is triggered by a certain degree of sharpness, is a sign of high quality.

The quality of an olive oil is therefore influenced by many factors, but not least one of the most decisive aspects is how the end consumer deals with the product. So it should be stored in a cool, dark place. Temperatures between 10°C and 16°C are desirable, while temperatures above 25°C should be avoided. 

Sealed, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil usually keep for 12 to 18 months. After about 12 months it loses a small amount of its aroma, so opened oil should be used within a year. It is nonetheless still wonderfully usable. In any case, you should leave it in its original packaging and never spill it, as this allows a lot of oxygen to get into the oil, making it rancid quickly.